Saturday, July 16, 2011

Essie Nail Polish- Fun in the Gondola

A couple weeks back I bought my first Essie Nail Polish in the shade Fun in the Gondola! I have to say though, that I was kind of disappointed. The application was runny to me. I was shocked at how weird and sheer/streaky/runny the first coat was. But the second coat gave it a much more solid, opaque finish. I guess this is a 2-3 coat type polish. The formulation wasn't my only disappointment though. I also didn't really like the color! In the bottle I thought it was such a pretty dirty pink color, but I just didn't like it on my nails. It might've been my tan complexion throwing it off, but I don't know. It's pretty close in color to the way it looks in the bottle, so I can't say it's Essie's fault. 
Either way, not the best introduction to Essie polishes for me, but I'm not giving up! I'll be buying more Essie as time goes on, and reviewing each color I buy! I know Essie has a great reputation, so I'm going to continue to experiment :)

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  1. I agree! I just put on Berry Naughty and it's my first Essie polish and it is so runny!